Websites With "NO" Tech-No-Babel?​

We build websites for Churches and small to mediums sized Businesses, with a focus on "easy of use" and that don't cost an arm and two legs!

We can Customize or Start with a Template

Let us know if you have a layout in mind or choose one from our gallery of pre-built templates to help get you started faster.

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Our Approach


Discovery, is the most important phase of the process. It comes down too, who, what, where, when, how and why. This is the conversation that lays the foundation and where we learn the who, what, and why, of your current website presence so we can better understand the where, when, and how to proceed.

We learn what your website has done well in the past and uncover where there is room for improvement. We learn who is your target audience, so we can better address their current and future needs while tweaking for engagement.

Planning Phase:

Now we research and identify current resources, seek out undiscovered content and explore design and layout options that uniquely represent your brand. We draft a sitemap detailing all the elements, content, products and service offerings your organization provides.

Next we draft a prototype of your website that integrates your goals, ideas, vision, objectives and content strategy. Then comes the most important part of the process. With your approved content in hand, we finalize the navigation structure, layout and elements needed to deliver the final web solution.

The Design Phase:

Content is what makes this website uniquely yours. Here we collect the content to be showcased on your new website.

We study your News articles, Press Releases, Editorials, Brochures, Service and Product offerings, Portfolios, Testimonials, Community outreach, Biographies, DIY tips, FAQ, Terms of Service, and Care Plan information. We identify your  “Something for Free offers” and your “How to Get Started offerings”.

The Development Phase:

Next, with content in hand, a clear vision of what your needs are, the mood and tone you wish to present, and an outline of the final project, we finalize the design concept you have approved and integrate it with the development phase.

We test browser performance, software integration, content integrity and payment processing. We test all the elements to be sure to deliver an end product that is easy to navigate, intuitive, test for integrity and search for any unperceived bugs that invariably show up at the last minute. At this stage we also brainstorm, test and implement strategies to optimize for speed and improved web search rankings.

Launch Site:

Now the fun begins! With all the final preparation complete we will show you and your staff how to interact with your brand new website. We will confirm your final launch date and then proceed to launch.

For the next 15 days we will follow-up with you and your team and monitor your site’s performance, operation and function. We will tweak what needs tweaking and make any final adjustments that are needed.

You are not on your own quite yet:

No, we are not going away! At Donewell Web Dev we are committed to delivering websites that exceeds our customer’s expectations, that increase engagement and that improves our customer’s overall image as the trusted leader in their chosen field, industry, business sector and/or community.

For the next 30 days we monitor for Search Engine results, present data on guest engagement and make recommendations to improve your overall search rankings.  As an option, we will also present a plan to continue monitoring and caring for your website in the form of one of our ongoing Care Plans.

Our Focus

At Donewell Web Dev, we are focused on delivering high quality, thought-provoking web solutions that are memorable, easy to navigate, focused on the viewer’s experience, deliver content in an organized fashion and don’t cost an arm and two legs. We are enthusiastic about helping the small to medium size company go head to head with the big guys and have been known to go three blocks (or more) out of our way to support Churches and other faith-based organization’s expand their web based ministry. If this sounds like your cup of tea, we would absolutely love to hear from you.

What we are not!

If you think like us, you have come to realize that.“One size does not fit all”  At Donewell Web Dev, we believe that also applies to Web Development. That being said, we don’t pretend to have mastered Search Engine Optimization (SEO), have discovered the secret sauce that blows “Pay Per Click” Marketing Campaigns off the Globe or have unearthed some accent scrolls that unlocks the mystical powers behind what we call “Social Media”.

Bigger doesn't always mean better!

What we do know is “bigger doesn’t always mean better”! That waiting more than 3 seconds for a page to load can feel like a death sentence, that content that is more than 3 tortuous clicks away will probably never see the light of day. That quality work is nearly extinct and that we only get one chance to make an “everlasting” impression! We know that staying relevant is survival and content is as important, “if not more important” than the “pretty face” that delivers it!

Things like Key Word do Matter!

Yes, Pay for Click advertising does drive traffic to a website, but traffic alone does not produce guaranty conversion. Today’s audience is far more sophisticated, are seeking information that either supports or denies what they may believe to be true and are much more concerned about making the wrong decision than they are about making the right one. That being said, the organization that starts by educating their audience and supplying them with the information they want, how they want it and when they want it, will have the highest click-thru rate, more return visits, and greater overall customer experience.

Come, let’s build something amazing together!

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